Origin of the name “Burgerlust”:
Society “Burgerlust” was built around 1839 to the Valkhof Square. Until the mid 20th century the building was situated to the former steepest street, from Nijmegen, the Lindenberg.

The club “Burgerlust” was set up for the citizens of Nijmegen. They could enjoy music performance and drama performances.

In 1944 the Germans converted the building into a fortress. The property has well passed the second war. However in 1955 it was decided to demolish the building.

The inaugural meeting was taken following text:

“Forget the natural daily sorrows for a little while….move to a higher atmosphere, where a mix of calm, peace and harmony is available. So the overcoming stress will disappear and will make way into a calm and harmony feeling.

And this is exactly what I want to offer in B & B Burgerlust. Forget your problems, enjoy your peaceful and harmonious feelings. Enjoy life. Because of these reasons the name Burgerlust was born for this bed & breakfast.

History B & B “Burgerlust”:
B & B Burgerlust is situated in a building built in the year 1891.
In 1926 the house is sold to two ladies. They bought the building for an amount of FL. 4100,00 only.
The building was passed, in 1936 ,into other hands. A salesman has bought the house.
A former lady of the house has sold the property in 1988 to a staff canteen. An orthopedic shoe technician bought it in 1992. In 2002, I have purchased the building in the street Stijn Buys.

In all these years the house has had a residential function. Only in January 2009, the first ideas came to start a Bed & Breakfast. In February 2010, the renovation of the building began and in February 2010. The first guests arrived in April 2010.

May there be many guests in future. Of course, I would like to welcome you in B & B Burgerlust.