About your host

“Forget the natural daily sorrows for a little while….move to a higher atmosphere, where a mix of calm, peace and harmony is available. So the overcoming stress will disappear and will make way into a calm and harmony feeling.”

A fragment from the inaugural meeting of club Burgerlust. One item that is still current. As your host I will do everything, to realize these words.

In 1987 I have graduated at the Hotel school. That I could make a career in this sector was clear. Ever since I was a young boy I had a passion for hospitality and taking care of people.

I started working at Center Parks. In 1990 I represented the largest brewer in the Netherlands ‘Heineken’. I started as account sales manager and later a Logistics Manager. After 17 years I left Heineken and I worked at Toyota, as Sales Head Office Staff.

Presently I wanted a job with direct contacts with different people. Plans for a Bed and Breakfast gained greater stature.

With great pleasure I can tell you that April 1, 2010 the first guests will have arrived. I hope they enjoy their stay and will be satisfied with comfort.

If you have any suggestions of complaints do not hesitate to tell me. I can only learn from your remarks. I only want that you, as my guest, will have an enjoyable stay.

Fred Klein Hemmink

Owner B & B Burgerlust

06 – 129 87 815